Royally entertaining weddings.

In honor of some wedding that apparently happened today, here’s a few excellent weddings from a few excellent films. Enjoy, and bask in the sweet sun rays of matrimony: The Graduate (1967)

ELAAAAINE! Most famous movie wedding in the history of movies? I get a weird chill when Katharine Ross screeches “BENNNNN!” Dunno why. It hurts the ears and heart somewhat. Side note: why does he still scream “Elaine!” even when he’s already gotten her attention? Always wondered that. Still, can’t beat it.
Love Actually (2003)

Equal parts heartwarming and British, this scene could melt even the coldest bastard’s heart into little bits of mushy love pies.
The Princess Bride (1987)

If Reagan was the Teflon President, this has to be the Teflon Movie. It’s the perfect movie to watch when you’re home sick, when you’re healthy, when you’re happy, when you’re depressed. If your significant other doesn’t like this movie, you are allowed, nay, encouraged, to sever all ties immediately. This scene isn’t the most romantic on the list, but it’s in the most romantic movie, and it has my favorite word in it. Mawwage.


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